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Weeaboo Otakune

Otakune Weeaboo BoxartJapanese Naming:
お宅音 ウィーアブー
Otakune Weeaboo

Name Interpetation:
お宅音 (Otakune) - The sound of a respected family.
ウィーアブー (Weeaboo) - Unknown name origin.

ID: 0X-00
Codname: Hentailoid
Gender: Male
Genre: Japanese
Voice Type: Baritone
Range: C0-C10 @ 1-999 bpm
Powerlevel: Over 9000!
Otakune Weeaboo ToetoRelease Date: August 12, 2010
Public Release: TBD

Supplimental Information

Hair: Yes
Weight: At least 100...
Headgear: Nauto's Ninja Headband
Eye color: Heterochrome
Accessories: Flag (White with Large Red Dot)
Dress/Outfit: Optional
Height/Measurements: Tall/Sexy
Nationality/Race: Japanese/Weeaboo
Favorite phrase: Dattebayo Bitches!

Weeaboo Otakune is a completed private voicebank. His most recent release is always held private. You can find the public versions on our Download Page.

Expect the download of his original bank when Otakune ExtenZed is completed.

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