Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ramble: Tweeting MikuPa Singapore 2011

On [11.11.11] Super Pocky Day Miku had a concert in Singapore. I ordered a Nico stream ticket for the even but at 3 AM it was at a really inconvenient time. Luckily NND has a "timeshift" feature so I was able to watch it later in the day with some friends.

We connected a laptop to a 50" plasma, hooked into the surround sound system, ordered some pizza, and invited some friends. This isn't the first time we had done this. Invited everyone that couldn't make it to MikuNoPolis last time.

Anyways I not-so-live tweeted the event. You can find my tweets in their entirity after the jump, embedded with Storify.

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