Sunday, January 15, 2012

Opinion: Concerning Pocaloid Drama

I just wanted to put this out there:
I consider public shaming a perfectly legitimate strategy.

They might not care that they are pirating Vocaloid but their viewers might, and considering how ego driven this fandom is I think it would be a prime motivator. There is nothing greater than peer pressure and the force of public opinion.

There is not need to attack anybody and whats past is past. Call them out on it, if they are unrepentant add them to the wall-o-shame, if they promise to stop doing it then leave them be.

If they don’t care about being on the shame wall, then let that be that, its their reputation that is in ruins. You can't force someone to care about something. Whatever you do leave them an option to turn back.

Everyone has to start somewhere and no need to scare potential customers away, because frankly STS Artech, Voctro Labs need all sales they can get.

Anyone who tries to defend Pocaloid, don’t do it.
It only makes you look like a fool. You cannot defend the indefensible and ‘everybody does it’ is not a valid excuse.

Anyone who attacks people who use Pocaloid, don’t do it.
It is not as unforgivable as you make it out to be and everyone has to start somewhere. Be happy that they are considering using/buying Vocaloid.

The pirates of today might be the producers of tomorrow.
Don’t attack them, but feel free to publicly shame them. No one is beyond repentance. The important part is they want to us Vocaloid.

Even great producers like Koda-P, a staunch opposer to Pocaloid, will admit that he too once used Pocaloid. His first Original A Simple Song feat. Megurine Luka was made using a pirated Vocaloid.

He eventually grew out of it, bought his first Engloid, and never turned to Pocaloid again. Now he owns 3 Engloids and is one of the top producers in the west.

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