Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Kit Kat Challenge

When developing Otakune Weeaboo's English VB "Otakune Extenzed" one of the goals was for him to be able to sing in "passable" American English.

One of the questions that popped up during his development was how would we define "passable". I proposed this question to Laura, Koda, Myst, and anyone with an ear for UTAU, or interest in linguistics.

Together, in the end we developed a simple phrase, one that we like to call "The Kit Kat Challenge". Is that voicebank, UTAU, or Vocaloid's English "passable" or is that "Engloid" more of an "Engroid" than anything?

Koda-P covers our little test as part of his most recent Koda's Kolumn entry "The Kit Kat Challenge". For those interested you can read the full article on Engloids.Info as part of the latest entry in Koda's Kolumn.

Along with overviewing the challenge itself Koda included examples using the PowerFX Engloids he owns. Check it out, try it yourself, discuss it, post your results. It might be fun to try out on your UTAU!

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