Saturday, November 12, 2011

Opinion: Vocaloid3 Oliver

For those of you not already in the know PowerFX & VocaTone have released the official art and two audio demos of their upcoming Vocaloid 3 Oliver.

Oliver is an enigma in many ways. While not necessarily a "shota" he seems very much like the Engloid equivalent of Kaai Yuki in that both of them have a soft, innocent, and cute voice. Both of the demos seem to be of the 'slower' variety and it would be interesting to see how he performs on something more upbeat or uptempo.

One thing for sure is that the western Vocaloid fandom is really eating him up. His news thread on VO has almost 1,800 post and spans over 120 pages. Some might attribute this to the VocaTone staffers being part of the community but I think the fact that he is an Engloid the only Vocaloid 3 Engloid that we have really solid details (and now demos) has a lot to do with it.

While I, personally, am not super hyped, I am pretty pleased with his demo, particularly Scarborough Fair. Circus Monster left a bit to be desired but it was more the song than Oliver himself. If I had to describe my feelings it would be 'cynically optomistic' in that while I like the character I wonder about his musical application.

With his voicer supposedly being a 13 year old British male I have serious qualms about how exactly he can be applied. Will he be forced into a niche like the Zero-G Opera-loids, will he be limited to cute jungles and the odd horror song like Yuki?

Only time will tell.

Update: Upon further reflection...

His samples are crisp, that alone will make him a desirable voice but for those of us across the pond American English will likely be out of the question. He will have a lot or similar limitations to LEON and his English. The phonemes will just sound weird to those of us across the pond.

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